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“Forging new healthcare models”

Navona has specialist expertise in the health informatics sector, with over ten years’ experience developing clinical and management information systems for clients within both primary and secondary care.

We offer innovative solutions tailored to your own requirements to improve quality and health outcomes not only for the benefit of patients but also for the benefit of your business performance. Navona understands the NHS, and recognises the challenges of the almost constant structural changes it faces.

Navona also recognises that any technology solutions require more than expert software, especially in an industry as complex as healthcare, and believes that to truly deliver success healthcare solutions require process improvement, data analysis, and implementation expertise.

GP Consortiums

Are you forming a GP consortium? If so, we can help by offering you specialist informatics advice and bespoke information systems tailored specifically to your needs. Alternatively, you could choose to take our off-the-shelf solutions that we can adapt to your needs.

Whether you are moving your practice forward with the latest in health information technology, or improving your business performance, Navona can help provide the informatics solutions to support your needs.

“Protect your investment by investing in our experience”

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